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winning over participation in youth sports

Isnt it interesting that most people who clamor for winning over participation in youth sports are unhappy at home or work. They think winning will cure all ills. What they dont see is that winning becomes like a drug. The more you do the less effect it has on you. You want more and more , but its never enough, and the good feeling you got from winning in the beginning is harder and harder to find Winning becomes a crutch.
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Let's talk about momentum. It has been stated by many pundits that Eli and the Giants are peaking at the right time. Lets examine. The Giants had been struggling. they faced a team in the Cowboys who had been struggling. Fact, In a game like this one team will lose. So the Cowboys struggled and the Giants won. A lot of times in a team sport, one team loses the game instead of the other team winning. Then a dysfunctional Jets team. They imploded. Giants win. Now they are feeling better about themselves true. falcons next, and another victory Next

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