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Underage Recruiting

Underage recruiting


I was invited to attend a youth sports presentation in Chicago. During the presentation a gentleman got up and spoke about how a sophomore that he knew was already getting offers for a DI athletic scholarship. After the presentation I approached another man who said to me that “Michigan already has a lot of their 2018 recruiting done.” And another one said to me that “The kids are getting the offers, what's the problem?”


Well here in a nutshell is the problem. You cannot get a legitimate DI Athletic offer from a college until you have
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The Real True Base

The Base


Over and over again I hear the phrase “we need to teach these kids how to win.” Over and over I hear the phrase “Kids need to know about winning and losing.”


And the newest one “I love my kid so I am going to let them play the one sport they love year round and support them. “I want them to take it as far as they can go. “


Now I submit to you why this is just another example of entitlement and not the base kids need and want to be successful
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