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Generational Rebellion

All generations rebel. However, more importantly, as much as they want to be independent, each generation of teenagers and young adults desperately want to fit in. Classic conflict. What is interesting to me is that this generations’ rebellion has disposed of manners as a way of rebelling. Why? Instantaneous results and rewards. They are not smart phones, they are answer phones. "Smarts" or knowledge is gained through the journey, trial, and error. Failure or failing is a tool for growth not an opportunity for scorn. You want to make someone tense?

Keep training them to have immediate answers. While everyone

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From The Bottom Up

From The Bottom UP:


I am working with a group trying to institute an equipment change in their sport for safety reasons. They went to the top and got a less than enthusiastic response. When presented with this problem at our presentations, seminars, and workshops we say to “Stop trying to teach the pig to sing. It’s a waste of your time and annoys the hell out of the pig.”


True change comes from the bottom up. The top guys and women don’t want to disrupt the apple cart. They don’t want to lose their status. They don’t
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Talked to a mom whose 16 year old son has had 4 surgeries? He plays basketball year round. Do the math. Health is the most important part of a child’s journey through youth and HS sports. One sport year round is unhealthy. Do the math




Kids are playing video game because they get to play. Not even half of them are full time gamers. They are just kids who want to play. Adjust or the kids will do it for you.


Seriously, as a youth and high school coach you wear the gear everywhere
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