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freshmen basketball

I just attended a freshman high school basketball game. This game happened to be with an inner city team participating against a well to do school. Immediately the suburban school took a commanding lead. The inner city coach was continually barking orders to his players, even going past the mid court line to yell instructions. On a few occasions as soon as one of his players made a mistake he was yanked from the game. This went on for the entire first half the team was getting blown out.
             Even with all his constant instructions and reprimands the
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I am trying to give you as much information as possible in as many different areas as possible so that when you engage your attention to the subject matter i present. You can then pick and choose the information that is personally applicable to your life and journey.

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modified fun

I am working with a modified basketball  coach. His team won easily over a weak opponent. Even up 25 he made sure to keep at least two of his better players in the game at all times. He had reasons not to play the weaker players, all coaches do that follow this pattern of coaching. None are valid in the long term best interest of developing the most players athletically. I explained how that was hurting his team and stopping them from getting better. What he didn't see that I could is the unhappy players on his team. The good

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Fill 'er up

If you are trying to fill the glass with knowledge and successful while only a few are helping to fill the glass, then it will take much longer and with much more effort to fill the glass then it would if everyone is pitching in a contributing to filling the glass.

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If you have an academic problem on your team instead of dressing a player and benching him or giving him limited minutes during the game, get there an hour early and tutor the student so he can earn playing time.

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Enable or disable

An educator is not here to disable you by telling you what to do all the time.  That type of education makes you dependent on on teacher or distracted by the teacher as you try to gain enlightenment on your own path in life.  An educator's goal is to give you choices and educate you to the wisdom and consequences of those choices.  It is only then that true learning takes place away from the teacher and inside your own mind and soul. 

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The idea that a team can be successful any long term run without benefit to to the least talented members on the team only that shows that winning a particular game or games without positive participation from all is actually harmful in the long run. The gap between the haves and the haves not widen and effort decreases. The very definition of team excludes "me" and values inclusion over separation. The win is cheapened by that lack of inclusion.
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winning over participation in youth sports

Isnt it interesting that most people who clamor for winning over participation in youth sports are unhappy at home or work. They think winning will cure all ills. What they dont see is that winning becomes like a drug. The more you do the less effect it has on you. You want more and more , but its never enough, and the good feeling you got from winning in the beginning is harder and harder to find Winning becomes a crutch.
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Let's talk about momentum. It has been stated by many pundits that Eli and the Giants are peaking at the right time. Lets examine. The Giants had been struggling. they faced a team in the Cowboys who had been struggling. Fact, In a game like this one team will lose. So the Cowboys struggled and the Giants won. A lot of times in a team sport, one team loses the game instead of the other team winning. Then a dysfunctional Jets team. They imploded. Giants win. Now they are feeling better about themselves true. falcons next, and another victory Next

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