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Colleges Looking For Kids From Teams That Struggle

Colleges Looking For Kids From Teams That Struggle

That is right. You read it here first. More and more teams are looking for kids who come from organizations and teams that have struggled. Seems many of the kids from the winning teams pose a false sense of bravado. They actually believe they are better than the other kids. Remember that toxic environment I talked about earlier? It is seeping into and being flushed out by certain coaches at certain colleges. They are recruiting kids that come from solid, well mannered, with proper disciplined homes. Money, socioeconomic status is being rejected.

These coaches recognize two essentials ingredients to a championship team. You must create a positive, team-orientated, unselfish not-me-first environment for the athletes to flourish. Secondly, when you win with the selfish talented athletes they and their parents are so high maintenance that it takes away all the joy and fun. In a future chapter I will explain to you how important fun is scientifically and psychologically for our children.

When we recruited at the University of Rochester, I would tell the coaches only send me a player that you would be pleased if they were dating your only daughter. I didn’t really care about their cumulative stats. I wanted to know how they did against really tough opponents. These kids had to fit into a locker room that was primarily composed of high character athletes. 

This allowed us to take a chance on a student who has made a mistake and was being shunted. As long as we saw remorse and the desire to amend we took a chance on him. Everyone deserves a second chance.





Written by : Jennifer