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What Does Negative Thinking Have To Do With It?

What Does Negative Thinking Have To Do With It?

Negativity in the brain manifests itself in many actions by the body. A reaction to stress, sometimes unintended, gets the brain worked up. In some cases the brain decides that it is going to taste the negative toxicity and get a little dopamine rush. Ever seen a child snap at a friend, teammate, classmate or parent? This child seemingly is absolutely fine then all of sudden a small incident will happen and they will fly off the handle? There is a reason for that.

Think of positive and negative thoughts. The negative thoughts have a shorter distance to travel in the brain. What happens, sometimes without your conscious awareness, is that your brain starts to identify with the negativity. It actually has empathy. During that time your brain is actually being reprogrammed without your consent.

We think of the brain as being so smart. The brain is actually easily tricked. As the three centers of the brain fight for control over your thoughts and actions, each part is taking in different sensory stimulators. I know it’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but it’s true. What you have to do is think positive thoughts to try and help the brain reprogram it. This is not easy.

I was teaching a class of 7th graders. We were having the kids answer out loud certain questions to help stimulate the conversation about our subject matter. To my surprise after each wrong answer at least 5 kids in the class “jumped on” the student answering the question with a negative or mocking tone. The student fought back, flight or fight, or as most did, withdrew and did not raise their hand again to be called on.

What I noticed that was truly troubling, was that most of the students took this response to others not doing well in stride. No one defended the student who was getting mocked. It was almost as if they were thinking “Better him than me.”

This social setting was ripe for negativity and lack of community. These two things, positive community, and positive encouragement are key building blocks to a child’s development. The idea that the group will lift up the individual has been surpassed by the individual being paramount to one’s success. There was fear, although expressed in a non typical fear way, “aggression” was manifesting itself in the children’s behavior without them even realizing it.

Written by : Jennifer