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Why Balanced Excellence?

Why Balanced Excellence?

Over the last 30 years a remarkable change has occurred in the way we coach and teach our children. At Balanced Excellence, we believe strongly that the synthesis level of thinking is needed here. If we take the science that is available to us and combine with what we already know about the holistic natural approach to children’s growth we may have something cutting edge here. This way is certainly not working. Immediacy and winning with elite status is robbing the children of the benefits of trial and error during their childhood journey. The base, so important to learning life skills for later on in life is missing.

Children from all kinds of different socioeconomic backgrounds are feeling the pressure to perform rather than to learn and grow at their own pace in the classroom and the playing field. Research from Dr. Lawrence Steinberg of Temple University states that adolescence starts at about 10 and can continue until about the age of 25.  What you find is an incredible disconnect on the way we teach and coach our children, and how they actually learn naturally.

Balanced Excellence addresses Common Core, the brain and its connection to the body for balance., as well as our approach to organic holistic natural approach to raising children for long term growth.

Written by : Jennifer