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Zen thoughts on a championship game

Zen thoughts on a championship game


One game at the end of a season does not define you. It only puts an exclamation point on the end of the journey! We sometimes put so much emphasis on the score that we lose sight/joy of the journey, the memories made, the trust shared, and the lasting bond that is built. I can yell at someone young that I'm coaching and get them to do what I want. But praise them; I get them to do what they want to do better! As you look back, you will see great memories take time to develop. These things that take time are the most valuable. They are nurtured through time with growth, fun, and failure. This blend builds a solid foundation from which life skills are developed and nurtured. You got your shot and performed. It’s what we say to all. Most kids just need a chance, some time. And confidence. Head up, no back talk no showboat, hard worker, and a classy guy. You make a great team mate and citizen. So impressed by the way you handle yourself. The play you made under pressure today at that time in the game was great. I love pressure and competition and you excelled in both. Don't short change yourself you are going places too. It takes time. When you tie for team lead in scoring in a State Championship semi final with a duy who will play DI, you belong. You no longer have to say I think I might or someone else should when you arrive on the court. You can now look in the mirror and say I know I did. Believe it. So pleased for you and the team. I know today was rough. You handled yourself very classy after the injury, very mature. Impressive. The journey will reveal itself its not who starts first. Because they chose to sacrifice, and give more than they receive, they are rewarded a feeling that no score can erase.

To Jay, Jake, Pete and the boys

Written by : VJS