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I d'ont think you think what you think

Everyone runs faster when they are being chased. Kids are already competitive. We have to teach them to share and help others. That’s long term development. So don’t let kids sit on the bench. Play them all. It leads to better competition and development. Kids need to have fun when they play.How many times did your kids change their mind when they were little as to what they wanted to do during a day?No to specialization for kids Don’t mange games, build relationships. You say you play to win, I play to compete. In the long run I have a better chance of winning than you do. The higher up you go everyone is good. What happens when you get to the next level and you are not the best player anymore? Where you taught to help make your teammates better? Or just to wait your turn? That’s entitlement. True competition is play by performance. All those games you played the whole game aren’t helping. They taught you bad habits. Hey, want to have some fun today? Work getting you down? You bored just sitting around? So do the kids when they don’t get to play. Playing your best players against a poor team reduces competition. Play against the game in that situation. Inter team competition rules the day. More is not always better.

Written by : VJS