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A Kentucky basketball players says something dumb

A Kentucky basketball player says something dumb.
From the time they are kids, little 8 year old kids, they play "elite" travel. At 10 they are told they are athletes and special.They now have an extrinsic value put on them for what should be an internal realization and fun. Adulting kids. At 13 they are interviewed and travel all over the place. Lots of money is spent and made on these kids.Entitlement on and off the playing field with very few consequences are the norm not the exception. In my talks all over the country I repeatedly tell people Im surprised that you are surprised that this kind of behavior is happening. How did you think this was going to turn out. Unless we introduce manners, community, and equal play 10 and under the problem, with this kind of outburst, will only continue and get worse. And Im at fault too for commenting on it in this post.

Written by : VJS