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Equal play and fun

There is no medical, psychological data that says equal play impedes child’s athletic development U10. Just the adults’ egos are bruised. We have done pilot programs up to U13 with complete success and others have sent me data that they have done it all the way up to U18 with great success. If you leave kids alone, they will play for hours on end. It’s called free play. The score doesn’t change the way they play if left alone, just the way adults think. I was told by an adult after a talk that the kids want to and know what the score is. Yes, some do, BUT most know because adults pound it into them.  They want to play for fun. The true test of a child’s involvement in sports is that they want to keep playing after a game is over and the TEAM leaves the field happy. Another parent told me they have to learn to win and lose. How are you qualified to teach that? Remember, no one knows how to win. Survival of the fittest, in its original definition was about the WHOLE community surviving not one individual

In high school and college you take multiple subjects yet we force children to specialize at an early age and then are shocked by rebellion. Kids on the playground don’t need adults telling them what to do. They can figure out the rules and roles for themselves, and they want to! Ever heard your child "I can do it myself" I did. My daughter was 2. Children want and need the desire to learn. Teach them the "yearn to learn”. It's all about the journey. When you go on a trip and have a guide, the guide leads but do not dominate. They let you experience life now you know what the kids want. When is the last time you made a mistake at work and the boss had you stay after and run laps? Does the boss stand over you constantly? PLAY FOR FUN!

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Written by : VJS