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It's Over

Its Over

Just finished talking with a college athlete whose playing days are over, and the body language and tone in his voice told  the real story of his trip through youth, club, high school, and college athletics. You can see he doesn’t want to give up the dream. But it is over. The sadness I see in his face is not the normal one of oh well, it was a good run.Is the emptiness athletes, not ex pros, just the regular kids. The 99%, who after playing days are over, have this "what the heck, every one told me I was great" or” I spent 10 years of my life doing this" show a lack of coping skills manifested in entitlement and angst. They don’t see that lack of diversity, life skills, and balance in their athletic life is now apparent in their real world? The long term consequences of specialization rear its ugly head.

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Written by : VJS