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Friday thoughts

If you think your Childs athletic performance is the key to your financial future, you should play the lottery. Same odds. Go to  and download free our weekend youth sport cost calculator. Go to media, scroll down to bottom. And plug in #s. See what it costs per hour for your child to play travel youth sports. Children learn from internal realization. Not external force. So stop yelling at them while the play. It just another form of entitlement. Kids should be allowed and encouraged to stay in the moment and have fun. Let them dream later with their friends with no adult pressure.
Only 1% of all kids going to college will play at the DI level. So don’t talk to them like they are. That is your dream not there’s.Telling kids to play one sport is like telling them they have to eat Broccoli when they dont want to. There are other sports. On the way home from the game do not critique their performance. You are not a TV analyst and they are not pro athletes. Watch your kids playing youth sports this weekend? Look like fun to you? If not, time for a change. Recess, when kids should have free play. As important as any subject in the classroom. It helps them learn better

Written by : VJS