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Generational Rebellion

All generations rebel. However, more importantly, as much as they want to be independent, each generation of teenagers and young adults desperately want to fit in. Classic conflict. What is interesting to me is that this generations’ rebellion has disposed of manners as a way of rebelling. Why? Instantaneous results and rewards. They are not smart phones, they are answer phones. "Smarts" or knowledge is gained through the journey, trial, and error. Failure or failing is a tool for growth not an opportunity for scorn. You want to make someone tense?

Keep training them to have immediate answers. While everyone around them can come up with an immediate response, they are under pressure to keep up in a race that doesn't exist. In our generation it was what was called a "Know-it-all. That person always one upped anything that you said. Now it is an accepted fall out of the immediacy, look at me now force, at work. Jobs are scarce for these kids. Debt is rampant after college, if they go, and or get through. They are the first generation in the history of the United States not to be predisposed to have a higher level of income that the previous generation. What I say to people in my talks, seminars, and workshops about this. I'm surprised, that you’re surprised. How did you think this was going to work out?

Written by : VJS