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From The Bottom Up

From The Bottom UP:


I am working with a group trying to institute an equipment change in their sport for safety reasons. They went to the top and got a less than enthusiastic response. When presented with this problem at our presentations, seminars, and workshops we say to “Stop trying to teach the pig to sing. It’s a waste of your time and annoys the hell out of the pig.”


True change comes from the bottom up. The top guys and women don’t want to disrupt the apple cart. They don’t want to lose their status. They don’t want to fight the improbable fight. They are under tremendous pressure to maintain the status quo.


But that doesn’t mean we can’t change the culture.


At your next game go to the opposing coach that you trust. See if he or she will agree to the change you are proposing and explain why it is important to the children, not the adults, that this change be instituted.


Then, hire Frozen Shorts to teach all the parents, coaches, and children why this change is needed and what it will accomplish. We tell them it is not just for this sport, but for all the activities the kids are in. This includes the classroom also. We teach the race that doesn’t exist, and why it needs to stop. The chase for athletic scholarships is so expensive that it costs more, for 99% of the people, to pay for play, than they will ever get back. Our program allows for real true competition and the importance of having fun. The more the kids enjoy what they are doing the better they will be at it. Stop the Tsunami


Written by : VJS