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Talked to a mom whose 16 year old son has had 4 surgeries? He plays basketball year round. Do the math. Health is the most important part of a child’s journey through youth and HS sports. One sport year round is unhealthy. Do the math




Kids are playing video game because they get to play. Not even half of them are full time gamers. They are just kids who want to play. Adjust or the kids will do it for you.


Seriously, as a youth and high school coach you wear the gear everywhere you go. You call yourself a coach when meeting people. You talk about it more than your family. You criticize other coaches constantly, even professional ones. And you think you won’t over react when coaching? Adjust or your kids will do it for you.


 I will compete harder against you when it matters in a big game, than most people you know. 8 concussions, 4 broken bones and over 100 stitches to my face are living proof. I’d bench my mother at the end of a game if she wasn’t playing well. And it wouldn’t faze me. But an 8 year old game where you are all yelling at the kids to do your bidding? No thanks. It does not matter to them, only to you. It’s their game. Let them play for fun.




Written by : VJS