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Living Vicariously

I met another family bragging about their son getting a full athletic scholarship to play Division I sports. Funny how they did not mention the 2 letters he would have to receive from the college. They did not mention the grant in aid letter, nor did they mention the letter of intent.  I am also curious as to why they did not mention the $50 they had to send to the NCAA clearing house. Nor did they mention the clearing house # you get to be able to accept an athletic scholarship. No announcement on any social media was made. Curious as to why they wouldn’t be talking about either letter being framed and hung on a wall on their house.


I am amused as the excuses or reasons come out.. We have heard them all. He didn’t like the coach. He got injured.  It was too far away.  My favorite, it was not a good academic fit. Am I supposed to believe that a kid playing one sport year round for 8 years, attending showcases, and DI camps, suddenly doesn’t want to accept a DI full ride athletic scholarship if offered?


In this case it was not a good academic fit. That is why he did not go there they said. And I wonder what his coach thinks after having gone through all the effort to get  this young man a scholarship only to have him turn it down.


Now on the surface, this may not seem to be a big deal. BUT in today’s world of high stakes youth and high school sports it is a big deal. Here is why. First off the kid may be living a lie. Second, kids who have seen him play will think they are as good as him and they and their parents will spend time and money on a race that doesn’t exist to get an athletic scholarship.  Also, does his present coach not stop the lie because it helps fill his camps? Do these camps perpetuate the myth of playing one sport year round, showcases, and elite trainers, and teams?


There will be no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We see it every day. There is a tremendous hang over for these kids and parents when their child has to go through this.


 We want the kids to be safe mentally and physically.  Their long term health should be a priority. They should be having fun. We want them to  be active longer, and learn transferrable life lessons.

We need to stop the tsunami in youth and high school sports

Written by : VJS