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EPTU. I heard from a coach that equal play under 10 rewards kids who don’t want to work and put in the effort. They are kids, not micro adults. Embrace their age appropriate desire for FUN. It should be an integral part of your coaching philosophy. Or is just a word you throw around to appease your conscience? Had a coach tell me Kobe does it that way when he's trying to win a game. Well coach your player is not Kobe and never will be. He’s a high school student. Teach him that way.  Imitating what the pros do in practice and games does not apply to 99% of the children playing youth and HS sports. So why do it? Make 2 equal teams in practice and let them play. No interference from coaches for correction sake. It enhances  good competition and fun. This concept  embraces what the athletes do naturally as children  which may help your team improve more than packaged drills from a DI or Pro coach. Remember, they are not  mini pro athletes. Maybe a coach could watch his or her team play before practice starts and learn what the players enjoy doing and create drills around that free play. Free play, most underutilized "drill" in all of youth sports and high school sports.

Written by : VJS