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Paycheck and Taxes

Is it about the paycheck and taxes?


Since it’s Labor Day, let’s talk about working, paychecks, and taxes. In this day and age of youth and high school sports, I am struck by the similarities between our children’s new era of “play” and a job. If put into business terms, it seems that youth sports organizations are issuing taxes and parents are paying these taxes without either side being fully aware of the actual physical drain on their “bank” accounts.  These taxes, like almost all taxes, are adding so much outside negative stress that it has become increasingly difficult to keep your “head above  water” in this mythical race that does not exist in youth and high school sports.


 Now most people work for the paycheck, I understand that. I did it for many years and did not feel satisfied, so I change my approach drastically.


By “paycheck” we mean the earnings of the banners, trophies, elevated status, and ego of playing for “elite” travel teams. You add to this the race for the mythical full ride athletic scholarship and it’s a heavy “tax” but these kids and parents today have so much invested in play that the play has turned into a job.  The parents are paying “taxes” to youth and club organizations out of this new “paycheck”.  As we all know, if you are paying taxes, you want some tangible services returned to you. The more taxes that you pay, the more and better services you demand. This is not happening.  You are now in a culture where you are paying more in taxes than you will ever get back. Truly a “life time tax”.


Is it really about the paycheck/victory?  Do organizations and parents want to earn the “paycheck” of banners, the “paycheck” of trophies, the “paycheck” of elite travel status, and the elevated ego “paycheck” of more is better? Do they not see the long term cost in life, work, relationships, and families?


Maybe you need a vacation? Maybe you need to start your own business? And by vacation, I mean rest and quality family time. By your own business I mean free play and pick up games.

It’s a simple business plan, just not so easy to implement.

Written by : VJS