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Game Changing Calls

Game Changing Calls


 Don’t put yourself or team in a position where a ref can make a difference in the outcome of a game. You don’t want him/her to do it, and neither does he/she. In the course of a game there are multiple calls that are questionable. I could go back through the game and every team sport game I played, coached or watched and point out plays and calls for both sides, if executed properly, would have made that “game changing” call in the Buffalo Bills Jacksonville Jaguar game, or any game I played, coached, or watched, inconsequential.


Much is made of “blown calls.” What is not mentioned nearly enough when a questionable call is made is how many bad plays happened before the “questionable call” was made?


What also should be mentioned, and this is one I hear constantly: “The ref had it in for us.”NO, he/she did not. Officials do not wake up in the morning of a game and say they are out to screw one team or another. Most want to get through the game unnoticed. When I see a coach going nuts over a call and yelling at an official wonder how it would feel if the ref turned the tables and starting yelling at the coach or parents in the stands for a clueless comment, botched play, or a poor coaching move.


 I use to say this to my team. We don’t point fingers we create solutions. I coached 451 college hockey games and not once did a ref determine the outcome of a game. We did as a team. (Edited for future viewers)


Written by : VJS