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Injured egos fractured truth

Just got off the phone with a friend who was telling me a story about a couple of kids who played on his team. They were multi sport athletes and played on this guy’s team because it was so much fun. That’s right, kids play for fun. Whether adults, organizations, and even parents think it’s about winning for the kids as a priority, well it’s not. Study after study, including our own of over 1000 kids, demonstrates they want to have fun, play with their friends, and compete.


When things don’t work out, and the athletic scholarship does not appear, the excuses come flying out from all sides. Hey, everyone makes stuff up or exaggerates at one time or another. I tell people continually that my final goal for this project is a lake,boat, with a house, and no neighbors. I want to be with my new friends in the middle of the lake with no phones telling a bunch of fibs about my past!!!


But this new thing, this excuse machine connected to the failed promises and failed results of time, money, and ego involved in a child's athletic playing time through high school has long term effects. These children have two choices. One, they can say they just weren’t good enough. I rarely see that happen. They can say they got hurt, they didn’t like the coach or they didn’t think it was good fit.


Let me ask you this. How easy does it become to tell a lie about something if you feel you have been wronged and were entitled to something you were led to believe was going to happen and didn’t? How good would you feel about yourself living that lie, or listening to others support the lie around you?

What could possibly go wrong?

Written by : VJS