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The Buffalo Bills and Accountability

 The Bills seemed to blame the referees for the loss yesterday against the Giants, or at least all the penalties. Not taking responsibility for ones actions is a very good way to ensure entitlement. It’s not very good role modeling. Am I to assume that the refs wanted the Bills to lose and the Giants to win? Teaching our children accountability should be a paramount basic fundamental value. But if our leaders don’t, why should they? I used to tell my teams don’t put yourselves in a position when playing that the ref can make a difference in the game.

I am all for backing you players as a coach in a public forum. I did it as a head coach in college hockey for 21 years. Saying that “I put the best players out there who give us a chance to win.” Isn’t always the right thing to do? Sometimes, as a coach, you have to send a message to the team that certain kinds if selfish behaviors are not tolerated no matter the talent, or the score, Sometimes, yes, it costs a victory. But, here is the thing: it rarely does. Do you really think the people that got you into this mess will get you out of it? Also playing other guys when your starters are screwing up and making repeated mistakes builds interterm competition, and that my friends is the secret to team success.

Written by : VJS