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Cell phones and selfies

Cell phones and selfies


Life is about balance. We are social creatures by nature. The more we lose sight of the value in community to all, the easier it is to become jaded. Most everyone wants to be independent but they also want to belong. If you don’t feel like you belong, many serious negative consequences, thoughts, and actions become more plausible to you.


When you take the group dynamic and all it positives and negatives, and turn it into a vehicle for self, you have looming problems. (See congress) or big business. I’m all for fun but when I am out with my family at a restaurant and I see mother, father, and both kids buried in their phones, yes there is a problem. In the journey of life, relationships are the single most import facet of keeping a community close.


I think the phrase is divide and conquer.


 A friend of mine has an idea. Whenever we as a group go out to lunch, everyone has to put their cell phone in the middle of the table. first one to answer picks up the tab. pretty funny to watch, especially when one member of the lunch bunch purposely has a friend of his not a lunch call one of the lunch bunch form a phone he can’t ID..


 I need to be entertained.


 No phones allowed at our dinner table ever, not at home or in a restaurant.  Manners are a paramount fundamental for our children’s healthy development. When is the last time you saw everyone bring their camera to the dinner table? And if you did what was the social interaction? When did you see them talk to their camera or try to post their cameras pictures?


Let’s talk and listen. Let’s listen to hear, not object. Let’s appreciate what we have and embrace those who don’t.

Peace of mind is victory!!

Written by : VJS