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How Did You Think This Was Going To Turn Out?

I say this over and over in my talks, seminars, and workshops. There is a culture in sports that is headed in the wrong direction for the kids, parents, and organizations participating Over and over we see abhorrent behavior being defended by one person or another.  They say they didn’t mean it. They say we saw it wrong. It was in the heat of the moment

Rarely if ever do I hear anyone say, that is a really bad example to set for the children. Rarely if ever, does the offender own up to the behavior. WHY? That behavior, like most catastrophic injuries has a history of events and misbehavior before them leading up to the incident.

The coach, parent, and organization have looked the other way because the athlete is one of the most talented players, if not the most talented player on the team. Everyone has made excuses for the player or defended the players’ actions in the name of winning. Others want to cling to that person and say they know him. With the younger athletes they love to say he was over to our house. I’ve talked to him a lot.

The bottom line is that we now have a culture where excuses are made for behavior, instead of corrective action in many cases, not all. The long term consequences of this behavior, and there certainly are consequences may not show up for years.

Modeling this kind of behavior and having the people around the behavior acquiesce to it ends the wrong message to the youth of our country. The children see it and emulate the behavior at home, in school, and on the playing field. Adults’ fans and friends are surprised by either the action or the reaction.

Specializations, entitlement, pay for play, recruiting 12 year olds. Win at all costs, and cheating all has a very high price to pay in one form shape or another either right now or in the future.

I’m surprised that most people are surprised. How did they think this was going to turn out?

Written by : molly