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my daughter Molly Part 3

Molly Stanley
I've always considered myself to be more of a country girl at heart.
The city, with it's loud noises and constant disquiet, has never compelled me to stay.

People say we each have two homes.
One is your actual home, the one where you were born and raised.
The other is your spiritual home, the birthplace of your soul.
My actual home is here in the city of Rochester, barely a mile from where we are now.
I have lived in that house my whole life, and I can't imagine living anywhere else.
But my spiritual home? The Adirondacks.

My mother was raised there, and that is where most of her family currently lives.
It was here that I learned how to find my inner quiet.
This is the place that inspired me to become an observer, and learn about my surroundings.
This is the place that taught me how to listen, really listen, and learn the language of nature and her inhabitants.
It was here that I found my inner peace, and when I leave, I bring it with me.

People often wonder why I am so quiet, why I don't prefer to talk.
If you wanted to know what nature was saying, wouldn't you?
If you wanted to know what goes on with the people most important to you, your classmates and sisters, wouldn't you?

My family and I go to the Adirondacks usually twice a year, and every year, the sight of those majestic mountains takes my breath away.
The gentle flowing and bubbling of the Cedar River behind my grandmother's house is my lullaby.
The sigh of the wind as it whispers through the trees is my blanket, wrapping me up in its embrace, holding me gently.
The peace the mountains bring me is cherished, incalculable, incomparable, priceless.

Home is where the heart is.
If you are looking for my heart, I left it in the Adirondacks.

Written by : VJS