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My daughter Molly Part 2

Molly Stanley
Inventory of Being
I am full of contradictions
I am made up of wishes and truths, sadness and joy
Anger and calm, kindness and cynicism
Fire and ice, dark and light
Hopes and despairs
I know what I like and don’t like
I love my family and friends, animals and imagination
I dislike the cold and carbonated drinks
I love music and dancing, warmth and laughter
I dislike math homework and early mornings
I know what I believe in, and I stand strong behind those beliefs
I believe being different doesn’t make you a lesser human being
I believe all things are entitled to life
I believe corruption and injustice are unacceptable
I know who I am
I am a beloved daughter, sister, and friend
Granddaughter, Goddaughter, and fairy Godmother
I am a classmate, teammate, and trusted leader
I am an advisor, a joker, and the quiet one
I love watching people with a passion for life.
I hope to be the best wife, mother, and grandmother I can be
I want to make my family proud to call me one of theirs
I wish common sense would make a comeback.
I want the best in life for my friends, family, and classmates.
I hope all their dreams come true
I wish them never to be lonely.
I want them to know in all things they are loved
I hope they look in the mirror and see what I see
I wish them a lifetime of laughter, love, family, and health.
I want them to know as much joy as their lives will hold
I hope they find someone who loves them exactly as they are
I wish them contentment through all their days
What do I want?
I want to be in the wings, watching it all unfold.
Seeing the light of joy and love shining in their eyes
Smiling, the moment they see what I’ve always seen:
They are beautiful, unique, role models the world is privileged to have
Who I am is not just me
I am part of a whole, a piece of a puzzle
You asked me who I am.
I am the product of years of love and joy and great family.
I am blessed to be surrounded by over 140 sisters
I am gifted with a passion for animals.
I am stubborn, loyal, and gentle
I am music
Inside of me flows the rhythms of life
Each beat of my heart, each breath I pull into my lungs
Creates the melody that is me.
I am independent
Asking for help is the same as admitting I can’t
But “I” shouldn’t ever be better than “we”
I am curious
Nature is filled with thousands of unanswered questions
My head is filled with just as many
Asking why is the key that opens the door.
I am living in a world of shadows.
I surround myself in darkness, allowing the shadows to swallow me.
I watch and observe, listen and learn
Unraveling the mystery of humanity.
I am Molly Evelyn Stanley.
And I am proud to be me.

Written by : VJS