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Let's talk about momentum. It has been stated by many pundits that Eli and the Giants are peaking at the right time. Lets examine. The Giants had been struggling. they faced a team in the Cowboys who had been struggling. Fact, In a game like this one team will lose. So the Cowboys struggled and the Giants won. A lot of times in a team sport, one team loses the game instead of the other team winning. Then a dysfunctional Jets team. They imploded. Giants win. Now they are feeling better about themselves true. falcons next, and another victory Next against the Packers who did not have a good they win. Great

. So if the momentum theory is correct why do teams try to win early in the season? Why bot sit back lose, and then turn it on when the playoffs approach? Because momentum, game to game does not exist, confidence does though. What if both teams are hot? Again the theory does not hold true. What does happen is convergence and timing. Your world as an athlete converges with the other team and the confidence you have allows you and your team to be successful. If not the Patriots would not have lost to the Giants.
Confidence and momentum can are confused with each other. There is momentum in a game for sure, but it is confidence and timing that lead to winning streaks. confidence leads to you being relaxed and when you are relaxed you play better.When you play better you are more relaxed and and the game slows down for you because the stress that tenseness causes zaps your reserve and you tie more quickly. That in turn causes you to make mistakes.

Written by : VJS