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It Is Not Common To Children Or Their Core To Learn This Way

It Is Not Common To Children Or Their Core To Learn This Way

Other than being loved and safe the only thing common amongst children is their age. That is it. We have “educators” whose first extended stint in the classroom could be NEVER, dictating to the educational system a philosophy that goes against the very thing that children have in common other than their age, creativity and inquisitiveness. Researchers at The New York Times cite “over reliance on direct instruction and repetitive, poorly structured pedagogy. Children are gaining less coping and life skills not more. Teachers are saying the kids are less inquisitive and less engaged. Are you kidding? Get them outside and play!

I understand that Common Core came to be mostly because of the disparity between the haves and the have nots in the educational system. I get it that there was a big traverse and something had to be done. BUT the more I read about the decision makers and the implementers the more I am convinced it was just another bureaucratic idea that spun out of control.

It reminds me of the $.20 stamp. Decades ago you could put a quarter in a machine and out would pop a stamp with $.5 change. A bunch of people in charge got together and decided that it would be a good idea to raise the price of the stamp to $.23 not $.25. That made every machine in the country obsolete. Rather than upset people by raising the price to $.25 they compromised and it did not work out because stamps are $.50 now anyway. But I digress.

 Steven Mintz a noted historian writes about the evolution of the American Childhood. He notes that children have been either protected or prepared in the 2000’s. Being prepared is something we do before a big game or a test. It is not something we want our children to have to face when they first enter the educational system.

Nearly 75% of American 4 year olds are in some kind of pre k program that does not stress movement or free play discovery. You see, in this fast paced ever changing world you want to slow down the process and not speed it up. You want the kids to have and enjoy a natural base of discovery and enlightenment instead of a forced face of academia.

Do these people know enough about the cognitive abilities of four year olds to make these momentous decisions?

Prepared for what? The whole education process is supposed to be about discovery. The process is supposed to be messy. Kids learn at different times and in different ways. That is why teachers who love kids, and want to be with them and SHARE their experiences make the best teachers. We get these teachers who love children and want to partner with them in the creative inquisitive process and then we tell them what to do?

How did you think this was going to turn out?

Life is all about trust and relationships. Kids should be talking to each other. They should be listening to what other children have to say so that they can do things as a community, the very common core of society and family. Common Core has essentially legislated this out of the game of life for these kids.

The best environment for all involved in education is when both the child and the teacher learn together. You want the teacher to be more of a guide than an instructor. The teacher uses many approaches and many different techniques to the children. A one size fits all goes against the very heart of the educational process.


Written by : Jennifer