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Relieve Pressure And Play

Children these days are under so much pressure to perform. Inside the classroom and outside on the playing field children are expected on multiple levels, on multiple occasions to perform as if they were much older and more experienced.

Cognitively they are not ready to handle multiple complex tasks. They certainly can imitate what we want them to do. They can even repeat a behavior or skill as if trained. But, it is very hard for them to assimilate their actions. On many levels most of what they do is some form of rote behavior.

Children want to please their parents, coaches, and teachers. They want to impress their friends. Kids need affirmation as to what they are doing for themselves, not the adult supervising the behavior.

More and more kids on youth sports teams are sitting during games instead of playing for long periods of time. Little thought is given to the long term needs of the child. Everything is right now. We must win right now. We must be the best right now.

This behavior is counterproductive to a child’s development. These kids need to move around. Whether is the classroom or playing field, in the home, or just out with friends kids are sitting for longer and longer periods?  Their balance is off.

Today, one out of 12 children has normal strength and balance. Their sensory systems are out of whack. They are not prepared to learn the subjects they are being taught. There are children out there who do not know how to stop properly.

With all the testing going on at a younger and younger age in school is it any wonder that kids heads are spinning as to what it is that is expected of them? Test here, go there, do this activity, try another. Make sure you are one of the best at what you do. If you are not we will go get you a specialist to help you catch up with the other kids.

Where is the freedom to experiment?  When do they get to go outside and let off steam? When do the kids have time to be just kids? Over and over I am observing kids in classrooms and the playing field and it seems that there is very little “kid” behavior! I see, even on playgrounds, many children being supervised by adults. There is little or no freedom for them to move and play on their own.

The mind and body are attached. They work in harmony. The children need balance. Sitting straight up in their seat for an hour and fifteen minutes in a classroom during “block scheduling” time just leads to kids who “fidget.”

Rarely do I see kids enjoying the full experience called their youth.

Written by : Jennifer