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The Brain Seeks The Rush

The Brain Seeks The Rush

One of things I have noticed as I continue on this journey to learn more about the brain's effect on the body is that I have noticed how often the brain gets to be tricked. The brain is fueled by dopamine. Now dopamine has a bad rap on some levels as a sex enhancer. In actuality it is sole purpose is to want things.

Whether it is positive or negative, the brain gets its fix by the dopamine high. A person can get a little “rush” out of a negative experience and the brain says, yes, want more of that. It can’t discern whether it is a positive or negative experience unless there is fear involved.

Now you once again have situations in which kids acting out with bad behavior a reason to “jump on” the person making a mistake and identifying with the perpetrator.

 In many classrooms across the country classroom management has taken a priority to learning because the behavior of the children has fallen below expected levels.

We see constant reminders on the playing fields of boorish behavior by top professional athletes being mimicked by younger players. This poor behavior is many times backed up by the coach and parent.

Little do they realize the long term consequences of this culture on the children's ability to cope with life when they are no longer a star?

Recently I watched a youth football coach berate his team of 10 year olds for not running a play right. He said to them “We ran that play ten times, and ten times you did it wrong. We are going to keep running that play until you get it right.”

Then it happened. Some of the kids identified with the coach and started to turn on the kids that were making mistakes. With the added pressure of their teammates picking on them they made even more mistakes.

No one stopped to give praise or to allow the kids a little breathing room. The practice descended into chaos with everyone frustrated. They didn’t realize they had reinforced the very behavior they were trying to correct.

Written by : Jennifer