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Smartphones Are Really Just Answer Phones

Smartphones Are Really Just Answer Phones

Clearly, kids today have more electronic stimulus than ever before. Whether they are plugged into their headphones, watching video games, or communicating on their phones they are swamped with outside immediate stimulus.

Another thing that happens when you are continually looking at your phone is that you lose focus. That’s right, you lose focus. How many times have you seen people walk into things or other people when they are staring at their phones? How does the constant interruption to look up and then back down to your phone affect your ability to focus for long periods of time?

A Florida State University study says hearing smart phones vibrate can impair focus and productivity. Dr. Lee Hadlington says there are underlying consequences to the new piece of technology we crave. Another study states that heavy Smartphone users can suffer “cognitive failures.”

Another study points out that these electronic devices are becoming more and more of a social status for people. The ‘keep up with the Joneses’ mentality has spread well beyond what it once was, just homes, cars, and bank accounts, and into an all-pervasive drive to have the newest, latest, and greatest. This has once again put an outside force to the top of the pyramid. Children and adults are constantly comparing each others’ devices to theirs. They become envious of others’ material possessions.

Commercials on TV play into this and feed the beast. One of the older expressions of “tune in and tune out” has now found a new home.

I have stated for a long time that these electronic marvels are not actually Smartphones, but really answer phones. They do not make you smarter, they get you answers. We are confusing answers with knowledge. If I give you a 100 question test and a Smartphone to answer it the odds are you are going to get a pretty good grade. You are also going to get a little addicted to the immediacy and high from getting the answer right so quickly. You really didn’t do any true learning, and you may not retain the answer that you got because you didn’t put forth the effort to gain knowledge.

When you look closely what have you gained and at what cost? You certainly have not gained independent. Isn’t independence something most of us strive for? Don’t we want to own our experiences in life? We have all heard the little child say “I can do it myself!”

Sometimes putting down the Smartphone is the smartest thing that we can do!

Written by : Jennifer