FUN, is what you are doing to or asking a child to do fun? if not they eventually will lose interest. It really is that simple.If I keep telling a child what to do do I eventually crush the spirit. the creativity that drives a child to get better? Balance in a child is seen by them switching activities and changing their minds on what they want to do many times in a day, an hour. You see a child playing with friends by themselves. cant we create activities that mirror that as they seem to enjoy that more than structure. Are we as adults not obligated to teach children at their level and their interests and not what we feel they should be as adults?give a child a ball and step back and watch how creative they are and the things they do and games they make up all on their own? Amazing! Do you want kids to go through youth and H.S. sports like an assembly line worker? Just putting the pieces together without creativity?True victory comes when children are matched evenly and the will and desire to excel is brought out in fair competition and positive stress