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Frozen Shorts is a youth sports consulting company dedicated to long-term athletic development, mental health, and the pure enjoyment of playing youth sports for fun. Its mission is to engage children through youth sports by having them play for fun with Balanced Excellence.

The Frozen Shorts Training Method (FSTM) teaches youth organizations the benefits for children, coaches, and parents now participating in youth sports that participation and continued activity should be a primary goal of all youth sports. Our approach simplifies and balances our children’s athleticism, both mentally and physically, embracing the fact that they ARE children, not mini adults or micro professional athletes, and that their development needs to be cooked safely with many ingredients, not bought ready-made at the store. We want to provide and model leadership for the development of theory, research, and applied practice to youth sports, exercise, and healthy activity. The Frozen Shorts Training Method is an organic, holistic approach to teaching and coaching kids. Not only do we teach kids the fundamentals of the youth sports games they play for fun, but we are continually finding ways to model positive behavior, and the importance of community, accountability, humility, and manners. We would like to work with you during this season on implementing some if not all of the many programs we have to offer. We have several training aides that you may want to consider as well, but we are also able to customize packages specifically for your organization, league, franchise or team. VJ founded Frozen Shorts as an answer to his family's and friends’ constant questions about the stress associated with their children's participation in youth sports. With his supporting cast of experts in various fields associated with youth sports contributing to VJ's holistic approach through their video interviews, VJ explains using their words why this new paradigm works. With over 20 years' experience coaching at the college level, and the same amount coaching youth sports, he decided to put his thoughts into words, his words into, a book and his philosophies gleaned over 40 years of playing and coaching at all levels and in multiple sports into action. Thus, Frozen Shorts was born (Frozen Shorts is for all the kids who sit on the bench needlessly). And it works. The children get better physically and mentally quicker and learn the real value of sportsmanship and accountability. They have more fun. There is less of the negative stress associated with many teams. Coaches realize that letting the players play without being told what to do all the time and being yelled at actually makes the team play better and be more fundamentally sound. Testimonials on our website attest to this increased performance axiom. He has been interviewed all over the Unites States and parts of Canada as more and more kids, coaches, and organizations implement the F.S.T.M. for the benefit and well being of their players and themselves.

A Youth Sports Injury Prevention Company

Changing the Youth Sports Paradigm: Mind + Body = Balanced Excellence

Facts, Tidbits and Reviews:

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Is it possible that youth sports are actually destructive to our children?  Are you kids playing the same sport across all of the seasons, and repeating moves over and over and over?  VJ Stanley is deeply passionate about not creating long-term physical issues in our kids and having them play for fun.If you kids love sports or playing an instrument or dancing or even hours of video games, there is clarity and a new direction in the air.

Every youth coach/instructor should listen to VJ and read his book.  Even if there are things you don’t agree with, you will learn a lot and have an opportunity to see youth sports from a different perspective. VJ is not some enraged, uneducated parent or radical.  He knows coaching inside, outside, forwards and backwards.  And, he is passionate about creating positive change for our kids – which, of course, are our future!

VJ Stanley was a three sport athlete in high school winning All-Star honors and a scoring title as well as being co-captain of two of those teams.  He received his high school’s first ever leadership award. He continued his hockey career in Juniors with All-Star honors and continued his career to Clarkson University, where, unfortunately, his career was ended after receiving two concussions in a week ( his 7th and 8th) and only playing one game.

VJ has a Master’s in Education, a degree in history as well as minor degrees in psychology and philosophy.

He began his coaching career as the youngest high school coach in M.C.H.S.L history, coached hockey for 30 years from the youth level through college, and ended his career with a 21-year stint as the head hockey coach at the University of Rochester.  He received nine Coach of the Year awards, nine championships, and had the playoff trophy renamed in his honor when he retired.

He was a professional stand-up comedian for seven years and has been married to the same wonderful wife, Kathleen, for twenty-five years.  They have two wonderful children,  Clayton and Molly, whose journey through youth sports was the inspiration for writing this book, his speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops.

4/27/15: I have yet to hear of a 20 year reunion of a modified basketball team.

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Less Is More Front Cover For E Book

This is a book about a simple but not easy transformation back to embracing children’s natural curiosity, competitiveness, and experimentation. These traits are being devalued in our children as they are taught, modeled, and structured to a mind numbing degree. We are creating a generation of children who are not allowed to fail, and don’t have the experiences or safe struggles to understand and cope with this very fast paced changing world. V.J. has put the fun back in fundamentals. His philosophy of youth and high school sports can relate to all areas of life and learning. This book answers many questions that parents, coaches, athletes, and grandparents have about youth and high school sports.

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tsunami in youth sports

Stop the Tsunami in Youth Sports is more than just a look at youth sports, its problems and solutions. VJ's mantra of balanced excellence can be spread to all areas of life as well as youth sports.

This ground breaking book about youth sports relates stories, tackles tough questions, and is intended to be read as a journey and a revelation in itself, not a goal at the end of the book. V.J started the journey writing this book with the fact that 70% of all the children 10 years of age playing youth sports quit by age 13. He believes in the synthesis level of thinking and conveys that ideology throughout his book and life.




"My child now goes to PS 364, also known as the Earth School, a little-known gem of a public K-5 elementary in the East Village.

The student population is some 50% black and Latino children. Half the students qualify for free and reduced priced lunch, and 23% of students receive special education services.

If American teachers built a school, instead of politicians and bureaucrats, it would look a lot like this. Founded as an experimental program in 1992 by a group of New York City teachers who wanted, in the words of the school’s website, “to create a peaceful, nurturing place to stimulate learning in all realms of child development, intellectual, social, emotional and physical,” the Earth School is guided by the values of “hands-on exploration, an arts-rich curriculum, responsible stewardship of the Earth’s resources, harmonious resolution of conflict and parent-teacher partnership.”

While “working rigorously in literacy and math” the students are encouraged “to explore, experiment, and even sometimes make a mess in the pursuit of learning.”

The atmosphere of the school is one of warmth and safety. Teacher experience is prized here — the principal, Abbe Futterman, was one of the founding teachers of the school a quarter-century ago, and many other staff members have worked here for at least five or 10 years."