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Is it ELITE cause you paid ELITE staus $$?

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Published: Monday, 27 February 2017

Diane Scavuzzo: For the elite players, what recommendations do you have?

VJ Stanley: I would first ask the question, what is your definition of an elite athlete? I would then ask who is telling this athlete that they are elite. About 80% of a college coach’s time is spent on recruiting. College coaches have access to many different ways to find and evaluate elite athletes. They have assistants who go out and watch athletes play every day.

The pool of athletes for a Division I scholarship is truly global now. So you may think you are an elite athlete when in fact you are only a big fish in a small pond.

There are a limited number of scholarships available athletically. There are 77 times MORE non-athletic scholarships than athletic ones and very few full athletic scholarships to college, so I would say emphatically, STUDY! Hit the books! It is very unlikely that any athlete cannot be found if they have talent.

Now, if a Division I coach has told you that you can play at that level, and not your youth coach, any relative, a “wanna be” scout or a scouting service, my advice for you would be to keep your grades up, get plenty of rest, make sure you are having fun playing your sport, and to balance your athletics with academics.

Don’t get caught up in the hype of having to play on this one specific team. Find a team that encourages a positive attitude, modeled by the head coach, with humility, accountability and sportsmanship. If you combine talent with that paradigm, a college coach will find you. In the very odd chance that you are not found and have talent, there is a thing called “walk-ons” in college sports, and you can try out when you show up to the college of your choice.


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Published: Tuesday, 28 March 2017

What happens after the bright lights are turned off?
I am certainly happy for the kids on the four teams that have made it to the final four. These kids are living a mostly once in a lifetime dream. Some parents too. The odds of getting here are very slim.
Most kids these days play one sport year round. The players on these teams must be in tremendous shape to be able to play at this high level for this long. It is even more amazing because most coaches only play 6, 7, or 8 kids in a close game. Some don’t play more than that even when they are winning or losing big.
These kids’ bodies and minds take a tremendous year round pounding. Their game and travel schedules are imposing to say the least. You combine this with their academics, and you have what amounts to a full time job. 
What these kids have had to endure throughout their season and career to get to this point is amazing. The constant travel schedules, the showcases, the many leagues all take their toll on athletes and families.
The risk of overuse injuries are percentage wise, not in their favor. Yet, they compete. They compete hard for long periods of time for their team, their future, and adult’s glory. These kids disregard their personal well being in hopes of winning a scholarship and maybe a championship.
The future consequences they face when this is over are massive. For a very few a lucrative NBA payday lies ahead. BUT, even for these few, long term financial security is microscopic at best. 
What happens after the lights are turned off? How many of these kids graduate? How many get a meaningful degree? How many have learned coping skills and life lessons they can apply to future endeavors?
I am not saying that the colleges, the coaches, or even AAU is responsible here. They are businesses doing their thing. They would not have a market if the parents did not want their product, and want it badly. Many products are sold every day all over the worlds that don’t have the consumers’ best interest at heart.
Who picks up the pieces when hearts, bodies, and minds have been broken?

Aaron Judge

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Published: Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The winner of the home run derby multi sport high school athlete. Humble and appreciative. They are connected.

New Layout

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Published: Saturday, 08 July 2017
Frozen Shorts is a youth sports consulting company dedicated to long-term athletic development, mental health, and the pure enjoyment of playing youth sports for fun. Its mission is to engage children through youth sports by having them play for fun with balanced excellence.
The Frozen Shorts Training Method (FSTM) teaches youth organizations the benefits for children, coaches, and parents now participating in youth sports that participation and continued activity should be a primary goal of all youth sports. Our approach simplifies and balances our children’s athleticism, both mentally and physically, embracing the fact that they ARE children, not mini adults or micro professional athletes, and that their development needs to be cooked safely with many ingredients, not bought ready-made at the store.
We want to provide and model leadership for the development of theory, research, and applied practice to youth sports, exercise, and healthy activity.
The Frozen Shorts Training Method is an organic, holistic approach to teaching and coaching kids. Not only do we teach kids the fundamentals of the youth sports games they play for fun, but we are continually finding ways to model positive behavior, and the importance of community, accountability, humility, and manners.
We would like to work with you during this season on implementing some if not all of the many programs we have to offer. We have several training aides that you may want to consider as well, but we are also able to customize packages specifically for your organization, league, franchise or team.
VJ founded Frozen Shorts as an answer to his family's and friends’ constant questions about the stress associated with their children's participation in youth sports. With his supporting cast of experts in various fields associated with youth sports contributing to VJ's holistic approach through their video interviews, VJ explains using their words why this new paradigm works.