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Ryan Callahan and Brina Gionta with Frozen Shorts

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Published: Thursday, 02 June 2016

Sports Talk Show Pilot Episode Testimonials

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Published: Monday, 23 May 2016

Sports talk Show Pilot Testimonials

Our Pilot episode. A different kind of sports talk show. Changing the culture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpiNdZAVlD8

Steven Fineron VJ and Steve, I just watched your short, and loved it!!! Coach Armstrong @ Rush Hen. had the same way of teaching and COACHING!! @ the same time. Never beat Irondequoit. the Whipple bro's killed us, but what said at the locker room meeting was... did you give it your all? Look inside, take inventory, and be satisfied with it , if not Find a new course. Thanks!! Old mem's are the best .

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Steven Fineron Loved the show, that's sports!


Ralph Tetta Great show. I have to tell you, that in my second year of coaching U12 Recreational League soccer, I am TERRIFIED about being a bad coach. I worried first year about parents complaining that the team didn't win enough, their kid didn't play enough, etc. etc. Vj, you gave me a copy of your book, and after reading the first few chapters, I started to understand what was REALLY important. When I worked with you on standup comedy, I told you that the first rule was HAVE FUN. If it isn't fun, why do it in the first place? And yet, the expectation I put on myself was 180 degrees away from that attitude when it came to coaching sports. You changed my whole perspective. I have a 4th grader, and equal numbers of 5th, 6th and 7th graders on my team this year. I'm sure no parent expects their kid to be Abby Wambach. But they do expect me to keep it fun, let the kids play, and encourage them to continue developing skills at their pace and to whatever their ability. I look forward to further episodes of your show. I would recommend leaving time at the end and perhaps a graphic to communicate the services you offer, instead of shoe-horning it into the conversation. I really liked what you and Steve had to say based on your experience and I will continue to watch the segments you post. THANK YOU for sharing this information, and hopefully the movement will pick up steam!



Truth and Consequences

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Published: Monday, 16 May 2016

Truth and Consequences

Recently I had a parent tell me after one of my talks that his son was driven to get an athletic scholarship to college. He understood that some athletes could  “afford” to play multi sports, but they were very few. The multi sport athlete path to a scholarship was only good for the truly gifted athletes. 

His son needed to play one sport year round to get the DI athletic scholarship.  The extra time and private lessons would allow him to get better faster. He also said that the other athletes on his son’s club team were playing one sport year round. They were getting “full rides.” His son was every bit as good as those other boys who were getting athletic scholarships.

He then reiterated that since recruiting had gotten to be for younger and younger kids that his 15 year old son could fall behind them if he didn’t concentrate on one sport year round. Besides, his son loved his sport. It was the only sport he wanted to play. Why would he take that dream away from his son?

As he walked away I was struck by the thought : Who was he trying to convince, me or him? You could see the angst in his tone and body language. This whole process was stressing him out.

Was it because deep down he truly did not know if this path was best for his son? Could it be that now that his son was 15 years old and there were no offers he saw that a lot of time and money had been spent on a pursuit that was slipping away? Now, he had to do everything in his power to justify to himself and his family why he embraced this race that does not exist?

Or was it simply true that he had been fed so much false information over the years that he did not know who to believe. He did not know who to turn to. He did not know who to trust.

This is why we do what we do at Frozen Shorts.