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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Recently VJ published a book entitled Stop the Tsunami in Youth Sports. VJ is very knowledgeable and passionate about his message. VJ’s bottom line message is: youth sports needs to move away from achievement at the elite levels of a sport, to a focus on the basics of the sports experience. In short VJ passionately believes children should have fun playing sports and if they have fun, they will naturally realize their maximum possible potential as athletes and more importantly, as people.
Posted By: Steve Vesce
Managing Director, Sportsideo, LLC
I've seen first hand how well the Frozen Shorts Program works. When we take away the distractions and influence of coaches and parents the kids play the game for the fun and joy of just playing a game.
Posted By: Bob Huurman
President, Southside Cyclones Pop Warner Football Club
If you or someone you know is involved in Youth Sports you owe it to yourself and to them to read this book. Athletes, Coaches, and Doctors have shared experiences with VJ that will change the way you'll look at Youth Sports in the future. PLAY FOR FUN, the three words that can help Stop the Tsunami. A must read.
Posted By: Steve Pogal
High School Varsity Bowling Coach
“Running a race that doesn’t exist” Great words from a warrior on the front of youth fitness through developmentally appropriate programming and play...NOT 6 practices a week play for young kids but PLAY. Structured practice does not encourage creativity, thought, or fitness let alone performance. Sorry...its just the facts.
Together we can change the paradigm of keeping up with the Jones’s...early specialization, over use and zero athletic foundation.
Posted By: Dave Gleason
owner, Fitness Revolution South Shore
Excellent perspective on the state of youth sports in our country. The information in this book can help to change the state of youth sports and also change the experiences that our children have.
Posted By: Michael Nuccitelli
Long Time Youth Sports Coach
VJ's book is a breath of fresh air into the very emotional topic of how we, as American sports parents, are doing a real disservice to our kids when it comes to sports in the 21st century Stanley, a former top amateur athlete himself and who hails from Rochester, NY, has spent the last few years researching and looking for solutions to the everyday concerns of parents and coaches who are involved in youth sports, and he has penned a poignant and passionate plea to right the ship and to get back to what sports are supposed to be about - specifically, kids having fun. Like so many of us, V.J. wonders how today’s parents and coaches seem to have lost their moral compass when it comes to kids in sports today. Intellectually, we all know that it’s too easy to become caught up with the dream of hoping that our child will be that magical one who will become the next LeBron James or Mia Hamm. Let’s face it – parents are emotional beings, and Stanley makes his case that we absolutely need to maintain our perspective as best we can. Along the way, Stanley provides insights into coping with tryouts, provides coaching tips, how we can instill in our kids a sense of doing the right thing, and much more. Indeed, this is one of those sports parenting books that really covers all the bases.
Posted By: Rick Wolff
nationally-recognized expert in the field of sports psychology and sports parenting
V.J.’s book and video tapes take a look at this youth sports tsunami from many different angles and shows how this new paradigm simply isn’t working. He has talked to scores of experts in the field – doctors, coaches, athletes and administrators – and offers common-sense solutions to how we can fix these problems, which have reached epidemic proportions. He reminds us that we need to get back to the simple mantra that youth sports should be fun, not seen as a path to a Division I scholarship or a pro career. And he reminds us that young people, in particular, need to seek balanced excellence in their lives in order to become well-rounded, fully developed people.
Posted By: Wayne Wilson
Division I Hockey Coach, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2010 N.C.A.A. Division I Hockey Coach of the Year, 2001 N.C.A.A. Division III Hockey Coach of the Year

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