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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

VJ Stanley takes an important stance regarding athletics and our children. He is thoughtful and passionate about what is best for the kids in our society. He is honest in calling us out as parents and coaches, in that we all need to separate out what is best for the children from the aspirations of the adults around them. As a pediatric orthopedic sports surgeon, I feel the VJ is on our team in terms of safety for our athletes.


Jennifer M. Weiss, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
Pediatric Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Posted By: Dr. Jennifer Weiss
was in charge of the POSNA Specialty Day Sports section
I'm sure you'll find this surprising but you were a very big hit last night. Had I known that you were going to be so good I would have given you more time :-). Lots and lots of positive feedback about you so thanks for stealing our thunder! They didn't care about anything else but, "VJ was good." Yes, I will invite you to a board meeting as long as you promise to sit in the back of the room :-). Thanks again, you made quite an impression.
Posted By: Brian Gardinier
President ILL
[The Frozen Shorts Training Method] is extremely different. This was based on totally having fun. I was skeptical initially, but the results are there. The kids had an excellent time and they learned. As a coach there was no pressure at all. Just teaching them to have fun.
Posted By: Eric Rose
Basketball Coach, Recreational Center Supervisor, Avenue D Recreational Center, Rochester NY
The kids have more fun. It’s different then when I was taught and how I was taught, less yelling is less stress on me. The kids actually have fun, you see them smiling, you see them interacting with each other, and they’re not out there with that competitive edge. They’re actually having fun. That was the emphasis, and that was good. I noticed that when the kids started having more fun they started doing better.
Posted By: Sean Anderson
Basketball Coach, Avenue D Recreational Center, Rochester NY
We asked VJ to come and speak to our community to help us with a very inspiring message that he has, which I believe every parent of a student athlete should hear. As a parent of an athlete I can sit here and say that burnout is a true form. Kids do get burnt out! I have a son who played soccer, he did school soccer, travel soccer, Olympic Development Program, Rochester Football Club, and by the time he was a senior in high school, he was so burnt out he didn’t want to hear about soccer anymore. It consisted of us driving in the middle of winter to buffalo to play in a men’s league because a men’s league was going to make the teen age kids better because they were going to be competing with men, not boys but men. It did not make him a better player; all it did was burn him out. SO I can sit here in say that burnout is definitely a fact.
Posted By: Kim Sbarra
Faith Formation Administrator, St. Paul’s Church, Webster NY
I first heard VJ on the radio on NPR one day, and I was so impressed with his message that I asked if he’d come speak at our church. He did, and I’m glad he did. The message is so inspiring and so important for young families to hear today. There’s so much rushing around, so much pressure, emphasis on the wrong things. VJ helps people focus on values and what’s important. I hope more people come and listen to him.
Posted By: Linda Pepe
Faith Formation Director, St. Paul’s Church, Webster, NY
Any and every coach NEEDS to read this book! This book will help facilitate a movement that will positively transform youth sports for years to come. If you or someone you know is impacting the lives of others through sports, then take the time to read this book and watch how it shapes and changes them and their team for the better!
Posted By: Dan James
High School Varsity Lacrosse Coach
I am extremely impressed with the knowledge and intellect used by VJ while writing his book. Whether you have children or not, involved in sports in any capacity or not, you should take the time to read Stop The Tsunami."The book isn't really about sports it is about life and community peaceful dreams" a statement made by VJ. My favorite part of his book is when VJ makes a statement or when he asks a question. It is with great anticipation to read how VJ proves his statements and how he answers his own questions. VJ commented to me "it is about long term, when the sports are over is there a hangover" Interesting thought. Thank you VJ for enlightening our lives and getting us all thinking about the subject we most likely would have not done with out Stop The Tsunami.
Posted By: Suzanne Guerineau
Grandmother of Youth Sports Athletes
Recently VJ published a book entitled Stop the Tsunami in Youth Sports. VJ is very knowledgeable and passionate about his message. VJ’s bottom line message is: youth sports needs to move away from achievement at the elite levels of a sport, to a focus on the basics of the sports experience. In short VJ passionately believes children should have fun playing sports and if they have fun, they will naturally realize their maximum possible potential as athletes and more importantly, as people.
Posted By: Steve Vesce
Managing Director, Sportsideo, LLC
I've seen first hand how well the Frozen Shorts Program works. When we take away the distractions and influence of coaches and parents the kids play the game for the fun and joy of just playing a game.
Posted By: Bob Huurman
President, Southside Cyclones Pop Warner Football Club

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