Stop the Tsunami in Youth Sports is more than just a look at youth sports, its problems and solutions. VJ’s mantra of balanced excellence can be spread to all areas of life as well as youth sports.

This ground breaking book about youth sports relates stories, tackles tough questions, and is intended to be read as a journey and a revelation in itself, not a goal at the end of the book.

V.J started the journey writing this book with the fact that 70% of all the children 10 years of age playing youth sports quit by age 13. He believes in the synthesis level of thinking and conveys that ideology throughout his book and life. The analytical approach of balanced excellence is reinforced and emphasized by nationally known Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Mike Maloney says, “Moderation, everything in moderation.” V.J. has also included a series of taped interviews on his website, where he talks with professional athletes, Doctors, Athletic Directors, coaches, players, and parents to reinforce and help people rediscover the reason they are involved in youth sports. FUN!

Very few people are able to analyze a multitude of problems and find the basic fundamentals connecting them all to a solution. Simply letting the kids play for fun will be reiterated and the benefits explained throughout the book and video interviews connected to his website will show how children, coaches, families, and organization can all benefit from this approach.

VJ believes true change must come from within and be intrinsic in nature, not an extrinsic force. He is just the guide. The truth was already there. His thoughts on life and youth sports are also on his twitter account @VJJStanley, and on his facebook account frozenshorts, for more interactive communication and education.

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